Analysis Performing

Authors and developers of the system will perform thermo gas dynamic analysis (engine general characteristics sampling, throttle characteristics, climatic characteristics, altitude-speed characteristics, transient analysis, optimization of parameters, identification of mathematical models, diagnostics by thermo gas dynamic parameters, etc.) and researches on customer's technical request (test bench data processing, autorotation, connection of automation control system (ACS) and research, such as the shaft breaking, etc.) of any real circuits of GTP, GTE, heat pumps, heating and refrigerating machines using gas turbine technology.

System Setting up

A mathematical model created for every item, unit characteristics are set or calculated, feeds and bleeds off system, control laws and programs are formed, further opportunities for computational algorithms, not provided in the base system, are created.

Creating of individual customer databases

  1. unit characteristics (compressors, turbines, combustion chambers, inlet and outlet devices (different types of nozzles), etc.);
  2. control laws and programs for all tasks and physical performances of calculations for all the announced schemes of products;
  3. thermodynamic properties of fuels;
  4. mathematical models of different schemes of GTP and GTE.

Training of users AS GRET system (in the case of the system purchasing)

Training is carried out in the customers’ place in case of training more than 5 people, and in our classrooms or remotely with agreed training program.

Supply and support

Delivery is usually made on electronic media or by e-mail. Software support is carried out within 1 year, which includes advice on all matters related to the program and update the system to the new version if it will be released during this period.

AS GRET is modular system, thus it is possible to vary the delivery set depending on customer's requirements by inclusion of certain modules.

To discuss the of AS GRET purchasing or to get consultation on your questions you can via our contact address.